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Proven Rapid Weight Loss, a Fischel Group Company is dedicated to science-based weight loss approaches that lead to lasting, if not permanent weight loss. Sara Dawson does not recommend quick-fix diets that will get you ready for the beach or for the wedding you must attend. Those approaches to weight loss are stunningly dangerous to your health. No, Sara believes in approaches that have staying power, that include the foods you love to eat and remove foods that are absolutely known to make you FAT!

The list of foods that Sara recommends you drop from your diet is short and sweet:

  • high fructose corn syrup (proven to be a fat creator)
  • diet soft drinks (it is a LIE. They make you FAT)
  • bad fats (trans-fats and saturated fats make you FAT)
  • refined foods (basically anything that is in a box, contains preservatives, and high concentrations of sugar and salt)
  • in some cases, carbohydrates (not so much to eliminate but to reduce dramatically)

That's about it, In addition, Sara recommends that you begin to restore your gut. Both good and bad bacteria live in your gut naturally. Our present-day fast food diet leaves us with only the bad bacteria. Taking a probiotic is the only way to restore your gut to its natural state. 

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