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Six Easy Ways to Exercise for Weight Loss

exercise for weight lossTo add exercise for weight loss in addition to your diet plan does not have to be difficult. Nor does it have to be expensive. There, in two sentences, goes your fear of exercise and fitness. Many people think that getting in shape means you have to develop six-pack abs. I am sorry to burst your bubble but that is just not the case. Some people are fearful that joining an expensive health club is essential for fitness. Sorry again, but that is not the case. Exercise for weight loss is nothing more than a way to burn calories. You can actually exercise anywhere at any time for free. Here are six ways to exercise for weight loss that are easy and free.

1: Exercise for Weight Loss--Park and Walk

When you go to the mall or work and you drive, park in a more distant location that you might otherwise. Walking is underrated when it comes to fitness. The recommendation that one walk 10,000 steps a day is generally accepted. That is a whole lot of steps. It should be your goal. But at the beginning remember baby steps. Set a goal that is reasonable and then track your steps. There are smartphone apps that will act as a pedometer so you don't have to count yourself.
I suggest that you begin with a goal of 3000 steps a day. As soon as you reach your goal consistently, set a new goal by adding 1000 steps. Now by consistently I mean around 14 days in a row, give or take. Perfection is not the object, Steps are.

2: Exercise for Weight Loss--Walk the Aisles

Going shopping? We all do it. Instead of going directly to the store in the mall you intend to go to, walk the entire mall. The goal remains to go to the specific store or maybe more but the walking goal combined with suggestion number one adds real steps to your routine.
Shopping in the grocery store or any big box store, walk each aisle. Even if you are there for one quite specific item, walk each aisle. Sure it takes a little longer and you will be passing up things that may even be tempting. Combined with number one this adds steps and helps burn calories.

3: Exercise for Weight Loss--Mow the Lawn and Shovel the Snow

This one is not for everyone. If, however, you have a lawn or live in an area where you expect snow in the winter you won the lottery. Sell the snow blower and riding mower and invest in a good walk behind mower. Buy a snow shovel. You are now prepared for the once a week task of mowing and the occasional shoveling. Either way, you are adding exercise and steps. That cannot be all bad.

4: Exercise for Weight Loss--After a Meal Walk for 20 Minutes

Three 20 minute walks add another hour of walking you might otherwise not be doing. You'd be surprised what an hour of sustained walking does for your fitness. There is no need to do speed walking as there is no need to turn a walk into a crawl. A determined walk moving your arms while listening to your iPod blasting in your ears is a robust way to add exercise for weight loss.

5: Exercise for Weight Loss: Take The Stairs

Yes, for two to three flights of stairs forget the elevator and start climbing and descending. Stair walking is great for your legs and backside. It also helps strengthen your core muscles. If you must take the elevator, get off three floors below and hike the rest of the way to your destination. Going down is as valuable as climbing up so take the stairs goes both ways.

6: Exercise for Weight Loss: Observe the One Mile Rule

If you have errands to run within a one-mile radius of your location at any time, walk. Do not take a cab, ride a bus, or drive your car. The potential to walk an extra two miles at a time is something to not pass up. Much like steps, start with a smaller goal, say a half-mile. When that becomes comfortable jump to three-quarters of a mile. Then finally, a mile.

Exercise for Weight Loss: Final Thoughts

The six exercise ideas included in this article are free and easy to add into your daily routine. You'll get fit without paying a health club. You don't have to buy fancy workout clothes. You don't have to buy expensive hiking boots. You might want to invest in a set of hiking poles at some point. That's about all. You don't have to be perfect. All you have to be is willing to build into a routine.
You don't have to do all six of these. I personally cannot do two of them. I live in Arizona outside of Phoenix. I have a desert lawn and I never shovel snow. Where I live is rather isolated and nothing is within a mile of my house so I can't easily observe the one-mile rule. The rest are part of my daily routine.
I would wager that there are at least two to three of the six exercise ideas that you could do starting today. Why not add one thing to your routine, make it a habit and then add another. Remember, you are going for consistency and not perfection.

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