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Following a Paleo Diet Plan

Over the next few posts I will share with you a series of videos that take you through the Paleo Diet Plan, step by step. While a cross between a ketogenic diet plan and a more standard calorie counting plan, the Paleo Diet appeals to many because of its reliance on protiens and fats. Before deciding to try a Paleo Diet Plan, it is a good idea to have a handle on the basics of the plan, how it works, and what you must watch for. Below is the first in a series of nine videos we created to help explain the nuts and bolts of the Paleo Diet Plan. I know you'll find them useful.

The Paleo Diet Video 1

So there you have it, the first installment of the Paleo Diet Plan. If you want a jump start on how the Paleo Diet works, my friends at Paleo Hacks has just the thing for you to get more information than you can get in a four-minute video. 

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