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How You Get Fat...It is Really Simple

How You Get Fat

The 1970's Food Pyramid

Carbohydrates make us fat. There, I've said it. It is the plain truth. The science couldn't be clearer. Carbs are the ogres that put on the fat, especially belly fat. But, let's face it, where fat accumulates is not picky. It just shows more on the belly than elsewhere.

Carbs Make You Fat

I would not be surprised if you have already tried a low-carb diet. Something like the Atkins Diet or a low glycemic index diet, or a ketogenic diet. Many people find it is not for them. Too much to give up. But, the truth is that if you choose to lose weight, you must give up a carb-centric diet.
It is the food pyramid that places all those starchy vegetables and grains at the base and not near the top that is the problem. We have all been duped by the food giants into thinking that nutrition is only tied to the standard food pyramid. It is just not true.
In order to lose weight, you are going to have to reduce your carbohydrate intake drastically. If you insist on eating french fries and sandwiches made with white flour bread you are not going to lose weight unless you spend hours in the gym. Exercise is, however, a less than effective method for burning excess calories.
People get fat because of the carbohydrates they eat. There is no other truth about weight loss that is as important as this truth. Restricting carbs results in real thinning down. We evolved to store energy in the form of fat for times when foraging failed. Stored fat came from eating carbs as our ancestors predicted periods of famine.
Today, for the majority of people in the world, famine is not a problem. Food is abundant. Wide variations of foods are available at many stores. When we now eat carbs to excess we get fat.

How It Works

Eating carbs, in particular, carbs from starchy vegetables and sweets, our blood sugar increases quickly. This rise triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin to bring our blood sugar back to normal. Insulin causes sugars to leave the bloodstream and into muscles, the liver, and FAT CELLS. In the blood, sugar (aka glucose) would be toxic if not for insulin.
So, as with so many things, the very insulin that saves us is also problematic when it comes to losing weight. The problem rests in the fact that so much of the glucose is forced into fat cells where it causes the fat cells to store the glucose as a source of energy for the lean times.
How You Get Fat

The 21st Century Food Pyramid

No question, by restricting carbs to near zero at the beginning of a weight loss program and slowly adding natural carbs from fruit and non-starchy green vegetables, you stop insulin from storing carbs in your fat cells. It is a simple tradeoff.
Of course, this doesn't mean you don't need to exercise. You do, however, as the last Paleo Diet video suggests, exercise like a caveman. Stay moving as much as you can. Take walks. Ride your bike. Normal things that people would otherwise do. It will be enough.

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