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Paleo Diet and the Science Behind It

Paleo DietWeight loss science is generally in agreement. Consume fewer calories than you burn and you'll lose weight. It is a simple formula that is really hard to pull off...unless your diet has enough variety. The image on the left suggests a typical day at the market shopping for your kitchen. In this post, I suggest that the Paleo Diet Plan is one that allows for healthy weight loss without giving up on the variety of interesting eating. 

The Problem of Hunger

One of the truly problematic issues with dieting is the nearly constant feeling of hunger one seems to suffer. Feelings of hunger are, perhaps, the number one reason people give up on ever losing weight. Some people are so frustrated they resort to gastric surgery to MAKE them stop eating so much. Many of these people begin to gain the weight they lost back while keeping the side effects of bypass surgery. 

Forty years ago, when the Atkins diet was introduced, this nearly all protein, fat, and vegetable diet, many people jumped on the bandwagon. They lost weight and never felt hungry. The problem with such a strict regimen was not enough variety. There were also cries from the diet industry that such a diet was not at all healthy. In spite of the claims made by Dr. Atkins, that it was, a large groundswell of opposition rose up and nearly killed the approach.

Weight Loss Science Now Agrees 

One of the recent turns in weight loss science is that the mantra, consume fewer calories than you burn, is understood correctly, where the calories come from no longer make much of a difference. For many people, high protein/low carb diets are an ideal way to lose weight. The issue of variety is no longer part of the consideration for quitting.

Weight Loss Science: Paleo High Protein Diet Plans

I am a fan of the “Paleo Diet.” Its a diet based on eating REAL FOODS - unprocessed & organic. Eat like a caveman the Paleo folks like to say. But, truth be told, with modern chefs having their hand at creating recipes that comply, the Paleo Diet is anything but boring. While it is not for everyone, if it is for you then you are likely to experience a number of benefits that come with this kind of approach to healthy eating. Because no other diet or eating plan provides so many benefits so fast:

- Increased Energy

- Clearer Skin

- Lean, Muscular Body

- Greater Mental Clarity

- All Day Stamina

- Better Workouts

- And more

Weight Loss Science: A Bit of Skepticism in Good for the Soul

I am generally leery of diets that promise the world. They often feel like snake-oil claims. Diets may and often do contribute to health. They do not cure everything from cancer to lumbago. When you see such claims it is good to take a step back and ask, "Is this just hype? Are there any claims that ring true? Will I get any benefit from following this way of eating?"

While the Paleo Diet approach does make some outlandish claims, I believe that it is due to the zeal of the proponent and not the diet itself. Claims that the diet makes you more energetic, will have better workouts, and the like, are true of any weight loss program.

The Paleo Diet Main Claim

The main claim of the Paleo Diet, however, makes a great deal of sense. We evolved to eat a certain way. For hundreds of thousands of years, that is exactly how we did eat. In the last 70 to 80 years, with the development of convenience foods and highly processed foods, we, as a species, have forgotten about the hunter-gatherer foods that made up our diet. We replaced them with fast food burgers, fried chicken, frozen meals, and other tasty but unhealthy morsels. This is the trend the Paleo Diet practitioners wish to reverse for as many people as possible.

The truth of the matter, weight loss science looks at the Paleo Diet as it would any other diet. Does it help you lose weight with no ill after effects? The answer is a resounding YES! 

The Paleo Diet's Problem

According to many people who have tried the Paleo Diet, they found it to be difficult and with little variety. That is not and never really was the case. The problem was that there were not enough resources created by professional chefs and written for the average home cook to give variety to the approach.

But what if that was not the case? What if there was a resource that has put together and tested a massive amount of recipes that are easy to cook in any home kitchen? If that were the case, there could be no objection to the Paleo Diet.

My friends at PaleoHacks have done just that. They have an amazing number of cookbooks from breakfast meals to fancy home cooking. I invite you to take a look at their collection. I know I use many of their cookbooks in my own kitchen. You may want to do the same. PaleoHacks is one of the best Paleo resources I know of. I recommend them highly.

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