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Paleo Diet and Support Partners

Paleo diet beginners are wise to find a support partner who knows something of the paleo diet itself. Someone who has lost weight on the diet plan is a good place to begin. Trying to do something on your own, something you only read about, is nearly impossible. It is like trying to swim the length of a pool having only read how to swim but never getting near the water. Support will get you through rough patches when they arise, as they surely will.

If you can't find a practiced partner, go on the paleo diet with another friend or family member. That way you may be able to support each other, sharing experiences and what you do to overcome adversity and cravings.

The point is that doing this alone is difficult. When adversity strikes as you check out at the grocery store and staring you in the face is your favorite candy bar, what do you do to avoid the temptation? Willpower is often not enough to get you through these moments. Each time you fail to get through these tests, the more likely you are to just give up. A support partner can help you overcome temptation. 

The exciting thing is, the further away you get from the beginning of your diet adventure, the fewer these temptations are going to be. They won't ever go away, but you'll have the tools to not act on them in your pocket. 

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