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Paleo Diet: Using Carbs Sensibly

The Paleo Diet is principally a diet of protein and fat, making it a ketogenic diet. The main difference is the Paleo Diet strongly supports the intake of 'natural' carbs. Vegetables and fruits contain unprocessed carbs that, when eaten sensibly, add to your fat-burning ability. Rather than simply counting carbs on a rather standard modern diet, the Paleo Diet restricts carbs to naturally occuring carbohydrates. By doing this, you naturally limit your carb intake to between 25 and 50 grams of carbs a day. If you consider a standard modern diet, carbs consumed will often top 500 grams a day. YIKES, you body is not evolved to eat that many carbs...PERIOD!

While not strictly part of the Paleo Diet regimen, I strongly suggest that you do count carbs. Remember that most green vegetables are relatively low in carbs. That is why I reverse the normal English usage when I talk about vegetables and fruits. I like to think of an 80/20 ratio as being ideal. This means for every four servings of vegetables you eat in a day, eat one serving of fruit. It is a simple formula, one that is quite natural to follow. 

I suggest that you stay away from starchy vegetables, potatoes, squash, and such. But, unlike most low-carb diet plans, you do not have to avoid them altogether. Rather, moderation counts here. If you eat a starchy vegetable, count it as two servings of vegetables and you'll be okay. Visit my friends at Paleo Hacks for delicious Paleo Recipes.

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