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Starving Yourself is NOT the Answer: Paleo Diet Tips

Starving YourselfSo many diet plans are geared only to counting calories. I remember one time a while ago, a doctor suggested that I should lose weight. He handed me a diet plan that allowed for a mere 1200 calories a day in consumption. Nevermind that I spent most of the day on my feet, as a manager in a retail store. I walked over 10,000 steps a day, did a great deal of heavy lifting to keep my department well stocked and, while I took the train to work, I had to walk three-quarters of a mile (1.5 miles round trip) to and from the train. 1200 calories a day I thought. My body would be receiving fewer calories than I would be burning. 

What I Discovered about Strict Calorie Counting

I decided two things then and there. First, I told the doctor that this was a ridiculous idea. Second, I decided to find a new doctor. When I did, my eyes were opened to a totally new way of thinking. I learned that starvation is not a good thing. To tell the truth I think I knew that already. Depriving oneself of joy is a sure fire way to make sure your plans don't work out. My new doctor told me to figure out how to eat sensibly, to select fresh foods first, to cut back on salt and much more. I began to eat by shopping the perimeter of the supermarket. Slowly, I began to give up processed foods. I ate my last Quarter Pounder about 12 years ago. And I looked at the idea of a calorie deficit as including my regular exercise. So I calculated what my exercise brought to the table. It was about 900 calories a day. This meant that I could eat 2100 calories a day and still only have to account for 1200. My grandfather always said, "Doctors don't know nothing." I certainly think that idea fit with the first doc I saw.

Starving Yourself is NOT an Option on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet insists that you do NOT starve yourself. Rather it lays out a rather clear approach to sensible eating. Here is the fifth in the series I made to help you understand the Paleo Diet a little better. It is all about NOT starving yourself for the sake of weight loss.

The Paleo Diet is, in many ways quite forgiving. Yet, if you want it to work for you, you cannot ignore the rules. Doing so is a fine way to destroy the good that the diet plan is designed to do. 

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